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DYO is a 2D puzzle platformer. Help two minotaurs to escape a labyrinth by combining the halves of the split screen in different ways - thus altering the level. It was released in February 2018 for PC on steam and
My tasks during this project included:
research and creation of concept/mock-ups, planning workflow for 2D assets, production of 2D assets, implementation of 2D assets in engine and protoyping some scripts to generate visuals.

This project was a great learning experience :-)
Programming, Level, GD: Josia Roncancio
Level, GD: Max Warsinke
Audio, Level, GD: Ragnar Thomsen

Fabian golz titlescreen merged

The DYO Title Screen not only represents the merged split screen core mechanic, but also serves to transition between scenes.

Fabian golz 6

Ingame Screenshot 1 - we chose to have different tile sets to add variety and to give a sense of progression.

Fabian golz 2

Ingame Screenshot 2 - tile sets are shared between levels with the same additional mechanic. This tile set is used in the starting levels.

Fabian golz 1

Ingame Screenshot 3

Fabian golz 4

Ingame Screenshot 4

Fabian golz 3

Ingame Screenshot 5

Fabian golz 5

Ingame Screenshot 6

Fabian golz addiationalillustrationssketches

Some sketches of illustrations I created during the development.

Fabian golz addiationalillustration1

Adventurous Minotaur 1 discovers a huge Minotaur sculpt.

Fabian golz addiationalillustration4

Cerberus, nice to meet you!

Fabian golz addiationalillustration2

Minotaur 2 - did that snake just move?!

Fabian golz addiationalillustration3

Rat friend has to take a break from running around mazes all day.

Fabian golz dyo christmassale

Recent Christmas Illustration to go with sale announcement on social media.